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Serving Lake/Cook Counties Since 1985

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Serving Lake/Cook County, Illinois Since 1985!
Simopoulos Construction is the Lake County’s #1 Remodeling Specialist. We have extensive experience in all types of remodeling projects ranging from room additions to baths, bath suites, kitchens, basements, decks, home theaters, sunrooms, backup sump pumps and even whole-house remodeling.

I work closely with you to make the process of your remodel project a pleasant one, while building equity in your home. I have contracted work of all shapes and sizes in Lake & Cook County for over 30 years.

I provide renovation & remodel solutions based on my knowledge from my vast experience. Whatever your remodel plans might be, I can help! I will provide a free, professional estimate for your remodeling project.

- Kitchens
- Bathrooms
- Basements
- Decks
- Hardwood
- Tile
- Natural Stone
- Electrical Specialist
- Plumbing Specialist
- Custom Built Projects
- Mobile Wood Shop
- Entertainment Centers
- Full Service Home Repairs
- Home Maintenance Programs

A Personal Note From Nick...
"My goal in this industry is more than just a means of provision and service, but instead it is a way to connect with people on a much deeper level than just the job alone. It is my hope that in my intentions within my craft will serve as an entryway into on going professional relationships that can grow beyond the scope of just one project. It is my honor and respect for people that has created an absolute love for what I do. I put my heart not only into what I create with my hands but also into those I'm creating it for. 

Through the years I've had the opportunity to not only hone my skill level and the depth of precision within the craftsmanship of my work, but even more importantly, it has been my absolute privilege to share within a professional capacity in the lives of those who put their trust in me. I have always found it humbling to earn the trust of those who welcome me into their home. 

As a young boy I was taught through the beauty of a God-fearing faith that respect, honor, and kindness toward my fellow man were not just to be words but something to be lived by. This is the true fruit that comes from being honest and caring for people. I have learned that it's not about me but rather it's all about the ones I serve. I’ve learned that the greatest leaders in this world are the ones that know how to serve. When you serve your fellow man you can then truly meet their needs. 

The integrity of one's character, work, skill, respect for his clients originates from the heart. Many people have skill, but the true essence of skill does not come from the hands but manifests from the heart. I wear this as a badge of honor to never, and I mean never, breach the trust of not even one customer. My goal is to honor and respect those who put their trust in me. It is my top priority to represent them in truth and protect their interests in the things they need me to do.

What I was taught a long time ago, which has served me well, was to always go the extra mile and give more than what is expected. The value and reward of my efforts then become even greater than just the job itself. It gives birth to something that money can't buy, and that’s long-lasting professional relationships. There is no greater joy than serving with integrity and respecting those whom I meet every single day. This is why I love what I do. And I do it with great joy.

And I am sincerely grateful for this privilege."